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Voice over IP is a way to allow telephone calls to be made and received via the internet. It allows telephone numbers to work quite separately from telephone lines.

New 03 UK wide numbering available now

Phoneday introduced numbers starting 01 and 02, and now we have 03 UK-WIDE numbering. 03 numbers cost the same to call as 01 and 02 numbers and get the same free minutes and discount packages whatever phone or mobile company you are using in the UK. The only difference is that unlike 01 and 02, the new 03 numbers do not have any specific place in the country.

Find out how your company can get a block of 03 numbers to give every member of staff their own direct number wherever they work. 03 numbering.


Using a SIP phone such as the SNOM320, and an inbound number from us for as little as £1 a month, you can have a working phone on your internet connection. Outgoing calls can be made from as little as 1p/min (plus VAT). Prices

Telephone numbers

We providing inbound UK telephone numbers routed to SIP, IAX, and H.323 endpoints, or to a generic voicemail to email gateway or fax to email gateway.

We are able to provide a genuine UK geographic telephone numbers for most areas of the country and route it to you within seconds. For some areas we have a choice of memorable numbers available.

There is no minimum term - pay month by month from £1 (plus VAT) per month.

We also have 0870, 0871, and other no geographic area codes (no revenue share). We have a nice 056 block with a choice of memorable numbers available as well.

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Note: This page was previously used for a DNS routing block. If you are trying to call a call.me.uk 04 number, see our asterisk setup pages.